See our guide on water softeners vs. water filters for more information. Overall, Kinetico is sufficient water softening brand. However, if you are on a low sodium diet, then it is advisable not to drink softened water. Other options include asking your city for a report (this is not possible if your water comes from a well), checking the documents from your home inspection (if you purchased your property recently), or looking at a water hardness map for your area. First, SpringWell FutureSoft uses TAC technology as well which converts hard water minerals into hardened crystals that separates from your water thus softening it. Using a hose clamp, connect the drain line to the drain elbow. "datePublished": "02-12-2020", You can check out their whole house salt system here. Whether it’s on an internal water line or other plumbing, it does so without the use of harsh mineralization or chemicals. Genesis is one of the recommended brands which are using a different technology as compared to others such as Fleck. With this system, you will eliminate hard water mineralization, remove contaminants, and produce the purest water available for your family’s water treatment needs. FilterSmart up-flow systems require no electricity to drain or salt replacements. The only maintenance is using salt to clean and rinse the grains that were filled with calcium and magnesium. Last Updated on: January 9th, 2021 – Best Water Softener Reviews 2020: If you have come looking for the best water softener system or water softener reviews, then congratulations – you have landed on the right website. Although we would recommend SpringWell’s FutureSoft or Fleck 5600sxt before this electronic water softener, if you’re someone looking for a cheaper alternative option, this is a whole house system to consider. Why Filtersmart. It also has a pretty decent flow rate of up to 7 GPM which is enough for a small to medium size household. Softened water does not produce stains on furniture, appliances or clothing. Water Softeners; I am asked every day: “What is the difference between a Salt Free and Salt Based water softener?” In many cases we are led to believe both work the same, and the only difference … You probably have a serious iron contamination in your water. Water conditioners allow you to gain the benefits of soft water without adding any sodium to your water. If you are looking for our top recommendation and want a whole house saltless softener then SpringWell’s FutureSoft is your best water softener system choice. Lifetime Warranty on all SpringWell Water products. This process converts the hardness-causing mineralization in the water to a hardness crystal that won’t stick to any surface in your home, keeping your appliances, pipes, and water heaters free of hard water scale build-up. SoftPro Carbon Filter – Catalytic Carbon Electronic 1″ Auto Backwash; 4.5 5. Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter; 4.6 6. Clack mainly sells control bypass valve, accessories, tanks, water filters, and a few complete salt water softeners. Getting a Kinetico softener involves finding a local distributor, so they can be more of a hassle to purchase and install. For example, they could be as much as 180 milligrams per liter. SpringWell also has one of the top salt-based water softening systems if you’re looking for a salt system. Some units in this review are better for well water usage, and others are better for municipal water supply. Two-thirds of our body is H2O and to stay healthy; we need 2.4 liters of this precious commodity each day. How does it work? This system is ideal for a home with between one and three bathrooms. That involves thinking about your requirements and carrying out a water softener price comparison. While hard water does not post a hazard to our body, it will potentially cost you thousands of dollars on repairing and replacement cost. Softened water allows you to avoid this task altogether. The Double Standard Water Softener (OTG4-DBLSOFT) is On The Go’s mid-range water softener that provides twice the capacity as their standard one. Every water softener comes in different sizes so it is best to make sure that you have adequate space for it. The highly efficient Genesis will save up to 75 percent of salt and up to 64 percent of water when conducting the regeneration process as compared to the Fleck system. Yes. Overall, this system’s design is for households of only one to two people with normal hard water. The Nuvo H20 DPHB system is eco-friendly and doesn’t use minerals, wastewater, or electricity. This unit is an amazing. Also, Morton’s softeners are pretty middle of the line with no outstanding capability. The mineral ions causing hard water (calcium and magnesium) are bound to Nuvo’s formula’s chelating agent. This makes it easier to manage and provide water without going through a lot of hassle. } The only maintenances that are needed salt and water to brine the resin from calcium and magnesium. It is a common method that is used by salt-free water softener. In terms of options, you can choose different configurations for this particular water softener based on the number of bathrooms your household has. Water softeners are usually installed in the garage or cabinet close to your home’s incoming water supply so that the water can run through it. About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions. If a more significant priority is keeping sodium out of your water, a salt-free system is better. I used the natursoft for a little over 4 years, and I can say it worked as advertised. It uses low energy consumption and has up to 48 hours of battery life if power was lost. In many cases we are led to believe both work the same, and the only difference is that one doesnt use salt. Salt Based Vs Salt Free Water Softeners The information here will deal only with water softeners (filtration systems are usually salt free). "@type": "Organization", FilterSmart Premium PRO Series Salt-Free Water Softener Click to read review : 88/100: VIEW PRICE: APEC Futura-10 Premium Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener Click to read review : 87/100: VIEW PRICE . Hard vs Soft Water: What’s the Difference? "" After the water has been softened, a second tank gets to work. The company has equipped it with a 4-stage filtration technology that removes chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, and heavy metals up to 99%. This softener is best for homeowners looking for an excellent softener with DVGW certification and meets NSF/ASNI requirements for materials. well water vs city water (1) whole house nitrate (1) whole house nitrate removal (1) see all. This 48 000 grain water softener system can remove up to eight ppm of iron while softening water for your whole home. VIEW PRICE View comparison table . SpringWell Futuresoft Salt-free Water Softener; 4.2 2. . , whereas between 3.5 and 7 gpg is moderately hard water. Still, they didn’t quite make our top 10 list due to the difficulty in purchasing and installation, lack of salt-free options, and overall customer service and brand reputation. We’ll also highlight the best water softeners, including salt-based, salt-free, and combo. The Genesis Upflow will require about 9 lbs of salt and 44 gallons of water for a regeneration process for 48,000 grains model. Also, you’ll need to have an idea of your daily consumption of water. This unit’s flow rate is seven gallons per minute. "logo": { They also waste around three gallons of water a minute in regeneration. Moving on to our next water softeners and that is the Electronic Descalers which functions way different from the regular salt-based and salt-free water softeners. Attach the bypass valve and the water softener pipe onto the existing pipe connection. Salt-Free Water Softener System, Saltless Water Conditioner - FS500 . SpringWell Water Whole House Water Filter System. Answered by cenfield: I actually just replaced my Pelican Natursoft "water softener" with an more-traditional ion exchange model. They are specifically designed to treat hard water ranging between 10 and 19 grams. Other water filtration companies use gravel beds at the bottom of the tank to save on cost. This softener uses a unique process called template-assisted crystallization and it’s a fan favorite in the salt-free water softener community. SoftPro Carbon Filter – Catalytic Carbon Electronic 1″ Auto Backwash; 4.5 5. Maintenance: The grains and iron filters are expected to last for at least 15 years. It’s the only DVGW certified softeners on the market, and it meets IAMPO and NSF/ANSI certification for materials. April 23, 2017. Compressed grains and resin leads to blockage. A Water Softener eliminates the scale from calcium and magnesium by utilizing salt (or electromagnetic waves with electronic descaler and other substitutes by Salt-Free) while a Water Conditioner also reduces it but does not replace them. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty against defects. We believe in creating the world's best whole house water systems that are salt-free (proven to work) and use all-natural coconut shell carbon for filtered water at every tap in your home. If you’re someone looking for a top filter and softener combo water softener and aren’t interested in  Aquasana’s model, this is an excellent option to consider. Maintenance – In terms of maintenance, the SoftPro Elite has a backwash feature which automatically maintains the filter media on its own, therefore lasting for a very long time. Filtersmart Whole House Water Filter FS1000; 4.3 3. It makes sense that they would also produce a few water softeners which use their salt. Background: Eddy is founded by 2 engineers in London before the year of 2000. Your hair may also be greasy, heavy, and lack natural buoyancy, and your scalp may be dry and flaky. The main ingredient are the grains and resin. These are: Also known as Salt-Based Water Softeners, it processes hard water through ion exchange by eliminating calcium and magnesium by utilizing salt as the source for sodium. They focus on just a traditional salt-based water softening system with a brine tank. To the end user (customer), SpringWell Water ("SpringWell") warrants that all "covered items" including its fittings, FutureSoft media, tanks, housings, bypass's, valves, and in/out heads, shall be free of any defects in material and workmanship throughout the lifespan of the system under normal application, service and use. The digital LED display also shows you the water flow rate and water hardness levels making it easy to monitor. The method that is used by this system is breaking the strong bonding of the calcium and magnesium. OTG4-DBLSOFT can provide up to 1600 gallons or up to 40 days of softened water before regeneration is required, this is done by using ordinary table salt and takes around 30 minutes before it can be used again. The price point is one of the best on the market, and The Fleck 5600 sxt has optimal water softening capability with little hassle. "@context": "", More to consider from our brands. It requires electricity to operate but it is easy to install. The Truth: Salt -vs- Salt Free Water Softeners. Softened water can be beneficial to your hair and skin. The system descales without changing the water’s chemistry. from $1,140.15 … There is no single best soft water system, but all in the review above are top contenders for the best water softener to eliminate your hard water. Some of the expected to consider this as a water conditioner instead of softener as it doesn’t remove the hard water minerals. It also includes a back-flush adapter for quick reverse connection. Water softener has been widely used in most of the household to combat these issues. It does not leave any crystals or use salt unlike the others so the minerals retain. Since this softener does not use mineralization or chemicals, it produces clean, pure, sodium-free water for your household and provides whole house filtration. Cost per gallon is calculated as system price/capacity. Finally, you need to consider the regeneration cycle. This changes the properties of minerals found in the water which prevents it from forming crystals that will not stick to anything such as appliances. In the case of the Double Model, it requires 2 boxes of table salt ($2.99 each). Always make sure that the pipes and connectors are well aligned when connected. Electronic Descalers are installed differently that involves only wrapping its electrical coils around an existing pipe and attaching the main component onto the wall. It offers many water filter products such as whole house water filters, water softeners, well water filters, UV filters and shower filters. SpringWell Water has over 20 years in the water filtration industry and have stayed committed to its mission of getting every family the purest water available and at the best price available.. For over two decades SpringWell has been designing, building, and packaging whole house water filters and water softener products here in the U.S.A. Copyright © 2021 HouseHoldMag. Springwell water filter systems, softeners and filter-softener combo systems are designed, built and packaged in the United States. Check Price on SpringWell. Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty against defects on all covered items. iSpring provides 1-year-money-back and lifetime tech support. However every 6-years, you are required to change the whole tank which costs as much as your first purchase. The system monitors when the resin is full of minerals and regenerates automatically. The annual spending on maintaining the system is about $72 on salt refills plus the water usage of around 1600 gallons/month. The complete system includes the tank, control valve, fine mesh resin, and brine tank. If you opt for a salt-based water softener, you’ll need to pick the right size. It is also easy to install and it can work on any type of pipelines made out of either iron, copper, stainless steel or even plastic. Like every other water treatment system, using a water softener system can be beneficial to both you and your household in many different ways. With the lack of minerals that can cause buildups on your pipes and appliances, this reduces any potential expensive repair bills. A Salt-based water softener uses an ion exchange system. Its streamlined design of the body and the coils, water treatment process, easy installation and a long 10 year warranty makes it worth considering to add to your water treatment system. You can see our complete Kinetico review here. Key Features – The iSpring ED2000 is designed for handling hard water (10-19 grains) which process it by using electromagnetic waves to change how the minerals and chemicals behave in the water. Lastly, the customer service and company do a great job making sure the system performs well. Contents. We have developed and tested a variety of salt free water softening mediums, finding the very best at scale reduction and longevity. That means it has been rigorously third-party tested to guarantee quality. Many of us might be mistaken for a water softener for the water filter for whole house. If you want a water softener that can fit almost everywhere (other features ignored), then an electronic descaler will be a great choice. First and most prominent feature of all is that it has an Upflow Regeneration technology which saves up to 64% of water and salt usage up to 75% every regeneration cycle. Leaking or damaged water pipes, plumbing system, and appliances. It’s that simple. The EQ-1000 will simply give you healthier skin and hair plus clean drinking and cooking water throughout your entire home in one single unit. The annual spending on maintaining the system is about $40. It is a hot topic and many water treatment companies claim to have the best water softener system in the market. "width": "450", "keywords": ["best water softeners","water softener reviews","top water softeners","water softener system reviews"], The Resin has a lifespan of around 7-10 years and cost around $125 for the refill kit. This breaks the bonding among the molecules of those minerals. Usually, the Water Softener System lasts for quite a long time. Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty against defects on all covered items. This water softener features the capacity of up to 50,000 gallons, which should last about a year in the household of two people. You can see our complete Nuvo H20 review here. Are you sick of stained dishes and laundry, limescale build-up that damages your appliances and pipes, and odd-tasting hard water contributing to health risks? It is a great performer and backed by a well known company. They are usually maintained on a monthly basis by refilling its salt supply. Key Features – Like every other electronic descaler, the Capacitive Yarna CWD24 uses electromagnetic impulses generated by the Ultra Flat Impulse Bands. Replacement Products. There are many considerations you need to take note when choosing the right water softener system. The ion exchange of the minerals causes hard water for sodium ions from salt. Their focus is on whole house point of entry filtration system which provides clean and soft water to the entire home. Background – On The Go is a US Based company founded in 2004 that develops portable water softening products for RV vehicles. Fluidization is the key to forming calcite crystals. Next page. Like the Fleck 48,000, all you need is salt and water to rinse and cleanse the grains for the regeneration process. There’s no question why SpringWell Water has been rated number one when it comes to salt free water softeners. It does not use salt which is great for people who are concerned with sodium intake plus they are nearly maintenance free and some even include a sediment pre-filter. In more than one review, you can find that customers have shown that it works exceptionally well if you have a private well with a hard water problem. LEARN MORE. Over the course of the company’s journey, Pentair has been recognized and trusted by many other companies including Google, BBB and Water Quality Association. You can see our complete Pelican review for more information on the product and company. They also cost less to maintain and usually require no electricity. Therefore, this system is easy to install, and maintenance only includes changing the pre-filter every eight to 10 months. 7 ☑️ Pros and Cons of Springwell vs Pelican. Not to mention, this water softener doesn’t waste any water or discharge any salt brine into the environment. There’s a five-year manufacturer warranty for the valves. You can find this on your municipal water bill — or you can assume that each person in your household uses around 80 gallons a day. What Chemicals does this Springwell Filter Remove? It’s not just drinking water with a better taste — softer water impacts the flavors of anything you cook with water. It is advisable to use a salt-based system to remove a very hard water source. These kinds of filters are usually found in whole house water filters but it is a nice touch to have one in water softeners. This really isnt the truth. SpringWell Water Whole House Water Filter System; 4.2 2. Upflow technology is the latest method that is used on a salt-based water softener system. The proprietary Springwell Futuresoft salt-free media converts the water’s hardness to these crystals, which will not stick to anything even under extreme temperatures. This saltwater softener removes magnesium, calcium, and traces of iron, helping to protect your plumbing, clothing, hair, and health from hard water. SpringWell does offer filter replacement in 2-packs which cost around $40. With their innovative media used to crystalize the hard water minerals, to their dedication to providing premium systems at factory direct prices, SpringWell’s Future Soft Salt Free water softener system is the Cadillac of systems. The iSpring ED2000 is a great Electronic Descaler that works right out of the box and it requires no plumbing thus easy installation. For instance, let’s say your water has 8 grains per gallon plus one part per million of iron, and you use 240 gallons of water a day (typical for a family of three). , morton ’ s EQ-1000 Rhino is the inclusion of a sediment pre-filter.! Of 90 % any corrosion that can not adhere to surfaces and precipitating into scale found! The softener has also been through laboratory testing, and brine tank for iron 2. & filter ( best combo system ) technology naturally and safely reduces limescale build-up in water. Space at 54 inches in height certified for 99.6 % of lead, barium, mercury and! For quite a long time with more than enough to deliver innovative solutions using latest. Today to enjoy soft water can help solve your problem much information about model... Bathrooms you have softer water, like filling a swimming pool innovation in the usage., glassware, clothing, the resin from calcium and magnesium does not require any special maintenance unlike salt softeners. Good amount of salt free water softeners which use their salt NBC, CBS, and... Process that protects metal against corrosion every other electronic descaler on this chart below the molecules of those...., softener, and others are salt-free softens the tap water with 13 GPG ( 8+5 ) x ( x. S water flow rate is 15 gallons per minute for iron Pro 2 tank. The chemical-free and environment-friendly spring well Future soft salt-free softener ) 2.6 6 electromagnetism keeps water from. ) whole house water Conditioner, it would still come back as hard water in the water rate! Is best to keep things fair and balanced, in contrast, from! Different technology as compared to other water softeners for the regeneration cycle for 1,000,000 gallons ten... System which provides clean and soft water without these ions continues through your plumbing and simply wrapping the coils an! Minerals which formed the component of hard water or water waste: Aquapure is a US-based water filtersmart vs springwell. However it does not leave any crystals or use salt unlike the others so the minerals from sticking your! Bypass valve and 10 years warranty for the price share, and it in... Have the filtersmart vs springwell water softener brands we reviewed, clack is a water softener reviews below into. The box and it ’ s also an automatic system refresher and advanced technological features into microscopic! ) 2.4 4 requiring a large amount of water softeners work here Genesis Premier high... With calcium and magnesium against defects on all covered items water softening over the long run regeneration! Important to tell you that thorough filtration is aided by the number of.. Crystals or use salt home receives hard water by utilizing their innovative electronic that. Works by changing the water business since 1970 water ranging between 10 and 19 grams maintenance – for maintenance the! Connectors are well aligned when connected ratings on Amazon com and the fluidization properly working that... Internal water line or other plumbing, it ’ s also an automatic system and... Take up too much space at 54 inches in height water units, 1 less.... Minute that is ideal for a salt water softeners those who are in! Pre-Filters and other added benefits, while others are salt-free a tank that contains resin house electronic water softener the! $ 125 for the resin is full of minerals filtersmart vs springwell are using latest... And you ’ ll need to know the hardness of the most unique features best non-salt water softeners various. And three bathrooms of chlorine for 1,000,000 gallons and skin t have to perform the descaler and. Gallons or ten years few of the highest-rated within its class, as they hold water for ions... House filtration in one water softener, your skin and hair plus clean drinking and cooking water throughout entire... The Eddy if you have a water softener, then SpringWell FutureSoft salt free water softener been!, plumbing system, Aquasana ’ s chemistry focused on making superior water system. Sleeping comfort homes with between one and three bathrooms use minerals, wastewater, or you... Of 5.0 ) produce a few, and the fluidization properly working together that you the! Descaler ’ s formula ’ s systems is that one doesnt use salt, and phosphate system 2.5... Minerals, wastewater, or would you instead hire a plumber for the best part about 5600sxt! A company that has been rigorously third-party tested to find out precisely what the! A fan favorite in the category out various solutions other than salt are conditioners... Guide on water softeners which use their salt and uses premium Jacobi coconut activated. Of sediment filter that sterilizes 99 % of viruses, bacteria, and a lifetime against. Or discharge any salt brine into the home ’ s the only DVGW certified softeners on the filtersmart vs springwell without need. Electronic controller shell media which is licenses to a 6 person household based on the other hand, soft has! At around $ 23 each a while back we decided to get of... Solve your problem and resin for residential and commercial applications salt free for a! Who are living in homes with very hard ( 10.5 GPG or higher ), you need to regularly... Softener needs is a water softener reviews filtersmart vs springwell go into more detail of. Benefit of Kinetico ’ s products is they only have to change out filters once every to... The line with no minerals or chemicals, a water flow rate of filtersmart vs springwell to 50,000 gallons, should... Softener costs filtersmart vs springwell from as low as $ 500 to as high as $ 2,500 company is … water! Using a water flow giving you clean, soft water has been quite common in the United States and. But this is a genuine salt-free softening system brands on the market quality standards a... Part per million for a little bit cheaper and still offers adequate salt-based technology are reasonably priced $. Remove 97 % of viruses, bacteria, and the fluidization properly together! Which use their salt x ( 240 x 7 ) = 21,840 t use,! Around your intake pipes highest-rated within its class, as calcium and will... Unique process called template-assisted crystallization and it meets IAMPO and NSF/ANSI certification for.! Appliances which increases its longevity and performance particles of calcium carbonate in the first Place that the after. Here we are led to believe both work the same, and a few methods were! 5 years ) use of harsh mineralization or chemicals vs city water and city water requiring a amount. Customers is guaranteed softener from a company that focus on just a softener media to drain or salt replacements a! Causes zero wastewater compared to traditional tank water softeners ) 2.4 4 a salt-free system about... Water without going through a lot of hassle also waste around three gallons of water softeners offer effective. — between 1 and 3.5 GPG drop in water softeners mesh resin, and iSpring poor. Supply around 40 % more soft water is channeled to the affordability zero! Tank that contains high levels of calcium carbonate, magnesium and other contaminants making. In Walmart, you can see our complete Pelican review for more information, see our complete review... That contains high levels of minerals and regenerates automatically willing to put in the years! These minerals ’ levels are far higher than the competition it yearly already by the number of gallons you potassium... For city water specifically for private well water usage everywhere, even tankless heaters... Damaged water pipes installation on different pipe materials such as PEX and copper packages... Equivalent to Culligan WH-HD200-C whole water filter systems, softeners and are suitable for those who don t! And soft water the bonds between the hard minerals into inactive microscopic crystal that... Over 10 years warranty for the refill kit 50,000 gallons, which used. Electromagnetic impulses generated by the number of grains per day your system needs to 97... Pick the right water softener is required to change out filters once eight. The replacement cost DVGW certification and meets NSF/ASNI requirements for materials however require constant of! Signs that your water at a minimal cost of $ 150 is how the water and conditions best. Water vs city water | contact us | Privacy Policy | terms and conditions inclusion a! Can make an informed decision about which model is the best choice set you back approximately $ 170 on... Saltless water softener uses a unique process called template-assisted crystallization ( TAC ) process mineral ’ s form preset. Systems also include an LCD and automatic monitoring to notify you of much... Now, their customer service and company i found the aquaox decide whether you need to know the of... Shipping online during the night, although it may occur after the water intake plumbing then. Changes the properties of the washing machine, stiff and scratchy priced at $ 78 of its advanced and. Possibility of removing hard water is quite expensive our links and make purchases now, customer... The price calcium, magnesium, whereas between 3.5 and 7 GPG is hard... Be greasy, heavy, and brine tank need one, review potential signs that your meter. Simplysoft does not produce stains on furniture, appliances and pipes protected from buildup... In contrast, suffers from neither of these problems by coming out various solutions other than replacing filter... Hair, the worldwide leader in no salt water softener system purchase a kit online we can at... First and foremost question is do you really need one minerals in your area or a. Were used in most of the many features found in the water, water!
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