[35], The USB 1.1 standard specifies that a standard cable can have a maximum length of 5 meters (16 ft 5 in) with devices operating at full speed (12 Mbit/s), and a maximum length of 3 meters (9 ft 10 in) with devices operating at low speed (1.5 Mbit/s).[36][37][38]. In Europe, micro-USB became the defined common external power supply (EPS) for use with smartphones sold in the EU,[21] and 14 of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers signed the EU's common EPS Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Micro-A adapters allow for connection to standard-A plugs, as used on fixed or standard devices. Revision 1.2 of the specification was released in 2010. Similar to standard USBs, … This connector … ", "7.3.2 Bus Timing/Electrical Characteristics", "Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Specification, Section Low-power Bus-powered Functions", "Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Specification, Section High-power Bus-powered Functions", "Roundup: 2.5-inch Hard Disk Drives with 500 GB, 640 GB and 750 GB Storage Capacities (page 17)", "I have the drive plugged in but I cannot find the drive in "My Computer", why? [22][23] Apple, one of the original MoU signers, makes Micro-USB adapters available – as permitted in the Common EPS MoU – for its iPhones equipped with Apple's proprietary 30-pin dock connector or (later) Lightning connector. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. [6][4], In standard USB, the electrical contacts in a USB connector are protected by an adjacent plastic tongue, and the entire connecting assembly is usually protected by an enclosing metal shell.[4]. The USB Power Delivery specification revision 2.0 (USB PD Rev. [15][18] The Micro connector is also designed to reduce the mechanical wear on the device; instead the easier-to-replace cable is designed to bear the mechanical wear of connection and disconnection. A high-powered device must be configured, after which it may draw up to 5 unit loads (500 mA) or 6 unit loads (900 mA) for SuperSpeed devices, as specified in its configuration. If you are a seller and want to participate in this program click here to learn more. 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USB 3.0 provides two additional differential pairs (four wires, SSTx+, SSTx−, SSRx+ and SSRx−), providing full-duplex data transfers at SuperSpeed, which makes it similar to Serial ATA or single-lane PCI Express. Up to 6 unit loads; with multi-lane devices, one unit load is 250 mA. The very small USB port found on many non-Apple cellphones, tablets and other portable devices is a Micro USB socket. > 3 A (60 W) operation requires an electronically marked cable rated at 5 A. To achieve USB 3.0's SuperSpeed (and SuperSpeed+ for USB 3.1 Gen 2), 5 extra pins are added to the unused area of the original 4 pin USB 1.0 design, making USB 3.0 Type-A plugs and receptacles backward compatible to those of USB 1.0. Quickview. ", "Universal Serial Bus Micro-USB Cables and Connectors Specification", "Qualcomm Certified Nekteck Quick Charge 2.0 54W 4 Ports USB Rapid Turbo Car Charger", "Universal Serial Bus Revision 3.0 Specification, Sections and", "USB: a neat package with a few loose ends", "What is the Difference between USB Type A and USB Type B Plug/Connector? Some devices operate in different modes depending on whether the data connection is made. [88], In September 2007, the Open Mobile Terminal Platform group (a forum of mobile network operators and manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and LG) announced that its members had agreed on Micro-USB as the future common connector for mobile devices. Charging cables provide power connections, but not data. 1), an extension that specifies using certified PD aware USB cables with standard USB Type-A and Type-B connectors to deliver increased power (more than 7.5 W) to devices with greater power demands. USB-A is a traditional USB host port design and one of the easiest to recognize on devices. [29][30] Type-A and Type-B adaptors and cables are required for older devices to plug into USB-C hosts. Unlike other data buses (such as Ethernet), USB connections are directed; a host device has "downstream" facing ports that connect to the "upstream" ports of devices. This ID pin is connected to GND in Type-A plugs, and left unconnected in Type-B plugs. As of USB Power Delivery specification revision 2.0, version 1.2, the six fixed power profiles for power sources have been deprecated. They offer ease of operation and are also intended to protect the mobile device's connector from deteriorating under the mechanical action of connecting and disconnecting. The OTG device with the A-plug inserted is called the A-device and is responsible for powering the USB interface when required, and by default assumes the role of host. The USB 3.0 standard does not directly specify a maximum cable length, requiring only that all cables meet an electrical specification: for copper cabling with AWG 26 wires the maximum practical length is 3 meters (9 ft 10 in).[40]. For example, Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 is able to deliver 18 W at a higher voltage, and VOOC delivers 20 W at the normal 5 V.[77] Some of these technologies, such as Quick Charge 4, eventually became compatible with USB PD again. Modes are identified by their names and icons, and the specification suggests that plugs and receptacles be colour-coded (SuperSpeed is identified by blue). [84] Lenovo calls this feature Always On USB. Some devices that use Type-A connectors are mouse, keyboard, or network adapter, and even thumb drives (USB … There are five speeds for USB data transfer: Low Speed, Full Speed, High Speed (from version 2.0 of the specification), SuperSpeed(from version 3.0), and SuperSpeed+ (from version 3.1). Some USB ports and external hubs can, in practice, supply more power to USB devices than required by the specification but a standard-compliant device may not depend on this. Such devices can use an external power supply, which is allowed by the standard, or use a dual-input USB cable, one input of which is for power and data transfer, the other solely for power, which makes the device a non-standard USB device. [86][87] This was the first standard to use the convention of shorting D+ and D− in the charger. View Details $ … Micro USB Micro USBs are another miniaturized version of USB interfaces. Normally, when a computer is powered off the USB ports are powered down. Higher-speed development of the USB standard gave rise to another family of connectors to permit additional data paths. [97][98] In January 2011, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) released its version of the (EU's) common EPS standard as IEC 62684:2011. The Micro-A connector is 6.85 by 1.8 mm (0.270 by 0.071 in) with a maximum overmold boot size of 11.7 by 8.5 mm (0.46 by 0.33 in), while the Micro-B connector is 6.85 by 1.8 mm (0.270 by 0.071 in) with a maximum overmold size of 10.6 by 8.5 mm (0.42 by 0.33 in). [56][63][64] It covers the USB-C cable and connector with four power/ground pairs and a separate configuration channel, which now hosts a DC coupled low-frequency BMC-coded data channel that reduces the possibilities for RF interference. Designed for how you use the Web, our newest micro-precise... View Details $ 20.99 Each $ 20.99 Each Out of Stock. However, such devices may come with a Y-shaped cable that has two USB plugs (one for power and data, the other for only power), so as to draw power as two devices. For example, Apple's iPod and iPhone chargers indicate the available current by voltages on the D− and D+ lines. This USB power meter additionally provides a charge readout (in mAh) and data logging. Mini-USB connectors were introduced together with USB 2.0 in April 2000, for use with smaller devices such as digital cameras, smartphones, and tablet computers. The shell is typically grounded, to dissipate static electricity and to shield the wires within the connector. The modes have differing hardware and cabling requirements. Charging ports on a host with both kinds will be labelled. These are usually called USB decorations. Model# 34709 $ 7 99. Visit your local Madison Heights Micro Center store at 32800 Concord Drive or order … What is the difference between USB micro-A and micro-B connectors? [citation needed] Examples include USB-powered keyboard lights, fans, mug coolers and heaters, battery chargers, miniature vacuum cleaners, and even miniature lava lamps. [24][25] according to the CEN, CENELEC, and ETSI. However, USB 2.0 hosts may use the USB 3.0 port, but it can’t use the features of the USB 3.0 like having a faster transfer rate. USB supplies power at 5 V ± 5% to power USB downstream devices. The pin no.1 is +5V acts as a source … There are cables with A plugs on both ends, which may be valid if the cable includes, for example, a USB host-to-host transfer device with 2 ports.[3]. Several changes are made and limits are increased including allowing 1.5 A on charging downstream ports for unconfigured devices, allowing High Speed communication while having a current up to 1.5 A, and allowing a maximum current of 5 A. [citation needed] The four high-speed lanes, two sideband pins, and‍—‌for dock, detachable device and permanent cable applications only‍—‌two USB 2.0 pins and one configuration pin can be used for Alternate Mode transmission. The pinout diagram for the micro USB type-B very similar to USB type-A except for the last two pins 4 and 5. Nevertheless, many USB host interfaces do not cut off the power supply to USB devices when they are suspended.[101]. Micro-USB B offers a connection physically smaller in size to a USB … The ID pin of the OTG port is not connected within plug as usual, but to the ACA itself, where signals outside the OTG floating and ground states are used for ACA detection and state signaling. An OTG product must have a single micro-AB receptacle and no other USB receptacles. 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High quality, and the price is low. [42][43][44][45] I.e., the maximum power may not be available. If an application on the B-device requires the role of host, then the Host Negotiation Protocol (HNP) is used to temporarily transfer the host role to the B-device. [59], The intent is to permit uniformly charging laptops, tablets, USB-powered disks and similarly higher-power consumer electronics, as a natural extension of existing European and Chinese mobile telephone charging standards. [53] Barnes & Noble Nook Color devices also require a special charger that runs at 1.9 amperes.[103]. The shell on the plug makes contact with the receptacle before any of the internal pins. ", "USB Type-C: One Cable to Connect Them All", "Technical Introduction of the New USB Type-C Connector", "DisplayPort Alternate Mode for USB Type-C Announced - Video, Power, & Data All Over Type-C", "On-The-Go and Embedded Host Supplement to the USB Revision 3.0 Specification", "Review: Logitech's Ultrathin mini keyboard cover makes the wrong tradeoffs", "What is the Maximum Length of a USB Cable? 57 [citation needed], The D± signals used by low, full, and high speed are carried over a twisted pair (typically unshielded) to reduce noise and crosstalk. PD-aware devices implement a flexible power management scheme by interfacing with the power source through a bidirectional data channel and requesting a certain level of electrical power, variable up to 5 A and 20 V depending on supported profile. The small size of Micro USBs allowed manufacturers to produce slimmer devices. Australian and New Zealand power socket with USB charger socket. Prior to the USB Battery Charging Specification, the USB specification required that devices connect in a low-power mode (100 mA maximum) and communicate their current requirements to the host, which then permits the device to switch into high-power mode. High-retention connector, mostly used on industrial hardware. The USB standard included power supply to peripheral devices; modern versions of the standard extend the power delivery limits for battery charging and devices requiring up to 100 watts. The first Power Delivery specification defined six fixed power profiles for the power sources. [78], Sleep-and-charge USB ports can be used to charge electronic devices even when the computer that hosts the ports is switched off. USB “Type A” connections refer to the physical design of the USB port. The Micro-AB receptacle is capable of accepting both Micro-A and Micro-B plugs, attached to any of the legal cables and adapters as defined in revision 1.01 of the Micro-USB specification. The OTG device with the B-plug inserted is called the B-device and by default assumes the role of peripheral. Y-shaped USB 3.0 cable; with such a cable, a device can draw power from two USB ports simultaneously. It’s mainly used to connect compact and mobile devices like digital cameras, smartphones, and GPS devices. [83] On Acer Inc. and Packard Bell laptops, sleep-and-charge USB ports are marked with a non-standard symbol (the letters USB over a drawing of a battery); the feature is called Power-off USB. USB connector types multiplied as the specification progressed. [66] USB PD Power Rules replace power profiles, defining four normative voltage levels at 5 V, 9 V, 15 V, and 20 V. Instead of six fixed profiles, power supplies may support any maximum source output power from 0.5 W to 100 W. The USB Power Delivery specification revision 3.0 defines a programmable power supply (PPS) protocol that allows granular control over VBUS power in 20 mV steps to facilitate constant current or constant voltage charging. This is common for external hard and optical disc drives, and generally for devices with motors or lamps. [19], Micro-USB was embraced as the "Universal Charging Solution" by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in October 2009.[20]. To enable Type-AB receptacles to distinguish which end of a cable is plugged in, plugs have an "ID" pin in addition to the four contacts in standard-size USB connectors. Requires electronically marked 5 A cables, Section 1.4.5, pg. Every USB connection is made of a port in the host device, a connecting cable, and a receptor device. Micro-USB A offers a connection physically smaller in size to a USB Mini-b, while still supporting the high speed transfer rate of 480 Mbps and On-The-Go features. The modes are configured using VDMs through the configuration channel. Micro-A is apparently similar to the standard Micro-B plug, but without chamfered corners: A Micro-AB receptacle is also rectangular. First of all, it’s important to understand what exactly a USB connector type is. USB 3.0 introduced Type-A SuperSpeed plugs and receptacles as well as micro-sized Type-B SuperSpeed plugs and receptacles. Otherwise, connecting a device could cause problems with the host's internal power. The initial versions of the USB standard specified connectors that were easy to use and that would have acceptable life spans; revisions of the standard added smaller connectors useful for compact portable devices. The different A and B plugs prevent accidentally connecting two power sources. Philips 6 ft. USB to Micro USB Charging Cable, Black (1) Model# DLC4106U/37 $ 12 99. 2.0) has been released as part of the USB 3.1 suite. If USB host commands are unanswered by the USB device within the allowed time, the host considers the command lost. Revision 3.0 also adds extended configuration messages, fast role swap, and deprecates the BFSK protocol.
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